Massage Therapy

250x250-24791.jpgRene’ Y. Johnson, CMT, MMP is a Gulf-War veteran, who is still serving in the United States Air Force Reserves. Currently, in her fourth year of practice as a Medical Massage practitioner, she is very well verse in various other wellness therapeutic massage modalities however, her specialty focus is in orthopedic, sports, and rehabilitative massage.

Rene’ believes in a holistic approach when she has the opportunity to work with a new client, as well as educating them on the importance of incorporating exercise and good nutrition into their everyday lifestyles.

With her attention to detail, Rene’ continues to increase her knowledge and competence in her choice area of expertise, through ongoing continue educational courses.

Other academic accomplishments: Associate degree in Transportation, B.S. degree in Business Administration/Data Processing, and a M.S. in Information Technology.

Rene’ is a Christian and she loves to exercise, travel, learning new things in life, and having fun with friends and family.

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