I recently reported to Rebound Chiropractic after my third severe auto collision. I was really in pain and could hardly move my neck. The staff has been very caring and encouraging. After having undergone treatment, I am now able to move my neck with less pain.

I knew I had come to the right place when I came in one day and Dr. Josephs children were here. They were very personable and shared that they were waiting for their mom who was being treated. To me, the fact that his family undergoes chiropractic care at Rebound Chiropractic means its not just hype. He and his family believe in it.

To anyone who has pain, I want to share that I have had wonderful results with my chiropractic care at Rebound Chiropractic. I have found the treatments to be very gentle and the staff here to be very professional.


Cynthia K. Wooten

I came to Rebound Chiropractic following a severe car accident. During the collision, I suffered side-to-side whiplash. In the days and weeks following, I had pain down my entire spine.

Since reporting for treatment, I have more range of motion in my neck and my back is more flexible. Dr. Joseph and Dr. Travis have taken the time necessary to listen to any changes Ive experienced since my last visit. I have also found that Sandy and other members of the staff are friendly and always ready to help.

Prior to my automobile collision, I had been receiving chiropractic care since 1986. Ive had care in New Mexico, Nevada, northern Virginia and Tennessee. The care that Ive received at Rebound Chiropractic is THE BEST! (especially the neck adjustments!)

So, if youre like me and have pain following an accident of any kind, my advice is for you to come try it out!! Youll be glad you did!


Dr. Carol S. Korynta

I came to Rebound suffering from pain in my neck. There was knot at the location of the pain. This same knot also caused pain to shoot down my right arm. I had noticed a burning feeling of the skin on my back in the those same areas. I came to Rebound to see what chiropractic could do for these conditions. After only a month of treatment, I am happy to report that the pain in my neck and my right arm is gone!

I feel very confident in coming here for treatment and I highly recommend Rebounds services to anyone with neck pain or radiating pain. The doctors really listen to you and the treatments are very gentle. And everyone at Rebound is nice ALL THE TIME!

Thank you for your services.


Saundra Myers

I came to Rebound Chiropractic suffering from extreme lower back and leg pain due to a disc problem. I have undergone several months of care, but the progress has been remarkable. I can get out of bed, sit and stand with less difficulty than Ive had in a long time.

I believe what separates Rebound from other clinics is the staffs dedication to helping the patients reach a higher level of flexibility, mobility and comfort. The staff is always helpful, pleasant and caring. In addition, you are seen at your appointment time. Unlike other doctors offices, you do not sit for hours waiting to be seen. The atmosphere is calming, and theres always fresh fruit or other refreshments for patients and visitors.

I would recommend that anyone suffering pain such as I experienced start treatment ASAP!


Vernell Obadeyi

When I first came to Rebound Chiropractic, I had problems with my neck and back. I also had TMJ (jaw) pain causing pressure on my left ear, headaches and dizziness. After treatment, my back feels free and comfortable, my headaches and dizziness ceased, and I can hear better without the pressure in my ear. Life if better!

I trust the staff here at Rebound Chiropractic! The chiropractors here truly know what they are doing for their patients. The staff is professional, friendly and caring. They are well-trained and efficient. I look forward to coming to Rebound because I know I will feel better when I am leaving!

I would hate to have no choice but to undergo surgery on my back. I highly recommend chiropractic care as an alternative. It is natures way of healing problems within the body. I have found if the spine is kept in line, it will keep you functioning at an optimum level.


Nancy Hite

On December 22, 2000, I had a stroke that affected my left side. A month or two after the stroke occurred, I developed excessive tone in my left arm and leg which interfered with my recovery. One of the doctors treating me prescribed muscle relaxers to reduce the tone in my left side. The muscle relaxers worked to reduce the tone, but made me quite sleepy during the day. My wife Barbara, who had been treated by Dr. Joseph for migraine headaches years ago, suggested he might be able to achieve the same results with acupuncture. After four treatments I began to notice I could raise my left leg with much less effort than before.

The acupuncture was able to relieve the excess tone and allow me to discontinue the medication.


Clark "Nick" Nickerson

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